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My background started very young influenced by
my own family elders.  Alternative traditional
Western Medicine was first introduced to me by
my grandmother, a true "Prairie Woman".  All
kinds of home remedies passed down to me from
my grandmother's, forefather Squire S. Whitman,
who came across the Oregon Trail & founded the town of Monmouth Oregon.  Another important influence, was my mother, a surgical nurse for 7
years & became  the charge nurse for the New Born
Infant Center, at Dominican Hospital, Santa Cruz, Ca.  My formal education was in pharmaceutical sciences as a doctoral candidate at University of the Pacific Professional School of Pharmacy, with a clinical emphasis and an IV Specialist.  
My pharmacy studies completed with a clinical clerkship & medical rotations at the 
Navy Regional Medical Center (NRMC) Balboa Hospital, San Diego, Ca. and 
writing a Pediatric Handbook,"A Therapeutic Orphan", for use by other doctoral candidates going through the pediatric rotation, at NRMC.  I have worked 10 years in institutional medicine along with 24 years, concurrently in relief pharmacy work & a year with the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation (CDCR) Salinas ValleyState Prison (SVSP), Soledad, Ca.
   Here at Central Coast Wellness we deal with a very broad range of health topics,
information & professional referrals.  We receive daily international and national updates on the latest developments and breakthroughs through the 
Centers for Disease Control,  research institutions & universities, & the current leading scientific journal publications, in health, therapy & nutrition.  Being an integrative pharmacy consultant, we work with many philosophies & 
fields of expertise.  We consult on traditional & alternative therapeutic recommendations, based upon Western, Eastern, Herbal, Botanical, Medical 
therapies & innovational nutrition purviews.
   We are trained & certified in: American Pharmacy Association's Pharmacy-
Based Immunization Delivery & Consults, American Heart Association's -
First Response Training & Practical (CPR, AED, FA) and basic life support for
healthcare providers through the Dominican Hospital, Santa Cruz, Ca.
                                  Patience   Courage   Perseverance   Endurance   Will
                                  Humility   Loyalty   Politeness   Righteousness   Trust
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